Web Design Cost in Kenya

It is necessary for every business to have a website in this digital world for it to be competitive. However, to have a presence online, you need to consider the cost to get the most out of it. The cost of owning a website in Kenya is a question that we hear a lot from business owners who want to take their brands online. This is a tricky question because websites don’t have a fixed price. Every website is unique, and depending on what you want on your site, the cost can either be lower or higher.

First, totalwebz Kenya is one of the most affordable web designers in Kenya. We have web design packages that suit every pocket. For the fifteen years, we have been in the market, we have automated the web design process that helps us reduce the cost of web designing while maintaining the high standards of the sites we design. We are very detailed and ensure that you get exactly what you want. Consider checking our portfolio to find out why we are the best web designers in Kenya.  

I will go through the estimated prices of the different websites and then state some of the factors we consider before we come up with costs. 

Type of websiteFeatures  Website cost in Kenya  
Landing page1-3 responsive pages Contact page Landing page  KSH 3999-15,000  
Small business website  Several pages Social media integration Google my business page Google Analytics  KSH20,000-80,000  
  E-commerce website    E-commerce tools Order management system Live chat Delivery solutions Payment integration  KSH 90,000-250K  
Corporate Website  Unlimited subpages Bespoke design Database population CRM integration Advanced functionalities  KSH 90K-240K  

 Some cost factors are universal in every website; thus, they determine the cost of the website.

  • Type of website

The price of developing a website depends entirely on the type as every website is unique in its own way. It is easier to make a blog or landing page than an online shop; a small business website will have fewer pages than a corporate website, hence the price variance.

  • Domain and Hosting

Every website needs a domain name and an address that can be reached, that is, a server. You can acquire this as part of the website service. At totalwebz Kenya, we have an affordable web hosting package you can check out on our site.

  • Basic Technologies in Use

Various software, such as programming languages and content management software, is used to build a website. The cost will differ depending on the choice you make. Some technologies are easier, while others are complex to implement. For example, some websites will require modern technologies so that they can be used by multiple users at a time and are real-time and fast. This kind of website will be more expensive.

  • Website components

Depending on what you need on your site, you might require additional plugins, apps, or any other software that will require money.

  • Website development

You will have to pay for the website development service if you let an expert build it.

  • Maintenance

After building a website, you need to keep running by updating it regularly. This includes search engine optimization, marketing, and google analytics. All this will cost you some money.

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