Top 10 Most Used Websites in Kenya

Are you a frequent internet user? Have you ever thought you might be using one of Kenya’s most visited websites? A recent study says that Kenya has the largest number of internet users as of today. According to research taken in January 2022, over 23.35 million people use the internet, which was 42 percent of the Kenyan population at the time. 

With these large numbers, some websites are mostly used than others. They include e-commerce, news, entertainment, and service websites. In this article, we have ranked Kenya’s top ten most-used websites.

Google is the main source of information worldwide, and Kenya is no exception. It is ranked as the most visited site, with 81.52 billion visits globally. An average Kenyan spends approximately 12 minutes browsing on google. 0.20% of its traffic search is Kenyans, and it gets an average of 16.03 pageviews daily.

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Youtube Kenya is one of the most visited websites. Kenyans love their content just like they love morning tea. It is ranked the second most visited website globally, with 33.39 billion monthly visits. Youtube gets 9.38 page views daily, and the users spend around 20 minutes on the site every time. 


Facebook is the top social media site visited by Kenyans and is ranked number 3 globally. Visitors spend approximately 11 minutes browsing the page, and the site gets 7.09 page views daily. However, it receives 26.37 billion visits per month worldwide.

Jumia is the biggest online store in Africa. It has the largest traffic, with one hundred thousand visits a day who are always purchasing something or window shopping. The site was introduced in Kenya in 2013 to revolutionize the shopping concept by providing customers with the best online shopping experience. They have 2. 84 million monthly visits, with visitors spending at least 7 minutes. It also has 8 page views daily.

This website is managed by the nation media group, one of the biggest online news platforms in the country. It is ranked number 9 most visited in Kenya and number 6670 globally. An average Kenyan spends at least three minutes browsing the site. It has page views of 2.37 daily and a monthly visit of 11.45 million.

I am sure every Kenyan knows Netflix. It is where we get our favorite series and movies. It is ranked 18th globally with 2.97 million monthly visits. It has an average of 5 page views, with users spending around 10 minutes checking it out.

Instagram is another booming social media where people can share videos and photos as a form of networking. It allows users to share edited media as it has a variety of flitters that can be used. It is mostly used by youths and businesses for advertisement. Instagram is among the top-used websites in Kenya, with daily page views of 7.98 per visitor. Its 15.10 % traffic is Kenyans from a total of 6,238,426.

WhatsApp is a platform that allows users to send texts and voice messages. You can make video and voice calls and share images, documents, locations, and many other things. Whatsapp is another website used by almost every Kenyan who has a smartphone. It has daily page views of 1.12 per visitor and 13.40% traffic from search engines.

LinkedIn is a social platform that is focused on business and employment. It is used for professional networking and career development. It is quite popular among Kenyans as most companies use it for advertising themselves. It has 8.02 daily page views and 16.20% search traffic by Kenyans. 


Every Kenyan with a smartphone knows Twitter. This is where we get all the tea, from breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics.  You can get the full story of anything with all the live comments. If you don’t love good tea, are you really a Kenyan? Twitter is among the top-used websites in Kenya, with 13.40% of its traffic being Kenyans. It also has 6.82 page views per visitor.

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