Best E-commerce Website Developers in Kenya

Do you have a business and have been thinking of ways to put it online? One of the best ways to put your business online is by developing an e-commerce website. E-commerce web development is the process of executing a complete online store that includes your support page, products page, shopping cart, chat section, and order form. One of the best e-commerce website developers in Nairobi, Kenya, is totalwebz Kenya. 

Why is Totalwebz the Best E-commerce Web Developer in Kenya

We consider several processes, from distinguishing your company’s brand in a digital context to building the site itself. We want to ensure that your brand is seen and noticed online. 

Here are some factors we consider as we build your e-commerce website. 

  • Establish your brand

In an e-commerce context, brand establishments involve making several determinants. i.e., whether your brand is a B2B or B2C. This helps us to know your target audience and tailor your E-commerce website to meet their needs, which involves photography and the level and details of the product description. We will also work together with you and develop a memorable and unique business name that matches your brand’s objectives. 

  • Purchasing a domain name

It seems easy to choose a domain name after you have established your business name. However, in-demand domain names go fast; hence need to choose a name faster. When you are just starting, we advise choosing a short-term contract of one or two years. Always check the different URLs that are available before settling on one. This is because shorter, eye-catching, and easy-to-remember URLs will drive traffic to your site and create brand awareness. 

  • Choose a host platform.

Once we have determined a domain for your site, it is time to choose a hosting and get your website up and running. We have the best and most affordable hosting packages that fit your e-commerce website. We also ensure that there is no downtime on your website, and our team provides full support when needed. 

  • Developing your e-commerce website

This is what makes us the best web designers in Nairobi. We ensure that your website clearly communicates your business goals, from your logo design to an eye-catching color palette. We put in mind that your e-commerce site is the core functionality of your business; hence pay attention to its navigability with easy search options. A disorganized website or one that is frustrating to search and check out can result in a loss of sales and potential clients, which will affect the brand’s reputation. However, when it comes to your business’s brand, your loss is our loss.

  • Maintain your site

Your e-commerce website will need to be updated regularly to reflect changes in your stock and product line and the promotions running on your site. 

Totalwebz Kenya will always ensure that these functionalities work for you and your customers. We will ensure that your site is well-optimized and with a smooth checkout to avoid frustrations.

  • Do you need a developer?

Totalwebz Kenya will give you a world-class custom website on an affordable budget. We also offer consultations and maintenance once you have your site up. We understand that your online store is a big deal, and we will always ensure that it is a success. Consider contacting totalwebz, one of the best web designers in Kenya.

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