Finding a well-designed website in Kenya is difficult, especially if you are a perfectionist. After going through various websites, I have come up with ten that are the best designed and can be used to inspire Kenyan web designers. I have overlooked a few things in them and only picked the features that stand out.


Here are the best-designed websites in Kenya is a website that belongs to the nation media group. One of the features that stand out on this website is its simplicity. It is easy to navigate the website and find what you want. As we all know, website visitors are always in a hurry, and this web designer understood the point; the site takes less than a second to load. The navigation is hierarchical, with the current news at the top, so you don’t have to search so much. This helps the users to accomplish their search quicker than they expected.

Another feature that stands out on the site is its currency. I understand it’s a news site, and that is how it should be, but I will give them applause for the speed at which the site is updated.

This is another well-designed site. It is a simple site but to the point and easy to navigate. The site’s layout is spectacular, with good photography that communicates who they are. There is also a button that urges you to call for action and is visible on every page. This can prompt a potential client to inquire as they don’t have to go the long way of searching for the contacts us page or searching for their number. The site is slow to load, but once you get in, you know that the designer was thoughtful.

This website caught my attention because of its hero section, a slide show of what they offer. The photography is on point that you immediately want to make a call when you see the images. The site also gives pop-ups of their current offers, which can prompt a call to action. Their logo is another thing you must notice on the site. It is simple but clear. A clear call to action at the top of the site gives visitors an easy time booking a reservation.

Nairobi county website is one of the best-designed websites in Kenya, from the choice of colors to the navigation and loading speed. The site is easy to browse and engages with current events in the county. The designer only used two colors on the site, which is so appealing.

The website is professional and visually appealing. It is also simple and straight to the point. It has quality photographs that will keep you hooked and a simple message that urges the target audience to call for action. The website has a great loading speed that won’t keep you waiting. Another feature that caught my attention is the simplicity of navigation. It is easy to browse the website, which is good for visitors in a hurry.

The site is easy to use. It has organized the categories of items you can browse and shop from. For a big e-commerce website like Jumia, organization is key. A poorly organized e-commerce site can be frustrating to navigate and shop. With Jumia, it is easy to shop and check out. They also have an option of paying on the site or pay-on-delivery, which makes it trustworthy, especially with customers who are not used to online shopping.

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Citizen. Digital

This is a citizen tv website. It is easy to use and straightforward. One feature that will catch your attention is the live button. The website allows visitors to watch live tv and radio, which is so cool and unique. The site is also easy to browse.

This is a salon website with good search engine optimization. A website without optimization is difficult to find leads to lack of traffic. This site is at the top of the search engine, not as an ad, but with good optimization. This means the designer was keener on ensuring the site was well optimized. It also has a clear call for action. Visitors can easily book service appointments with ease as the booking button is at the top of the website.

This website stands out because of its choice of colors and clear photography. The site is easy to use and allows visitors to book services easily. It is also well optimized as it appears among the top sites on google.

The website is well-designed, easy to use, and up-to-date. It is always updating the games that are currently playing so that people can bet. It is also well organized, attracting potential customers who might be too lazy to navigate if it were disorganized. The pop-up of the prize fund at the top of the site is also a good way of attracting potential customers.


Final thoughts

Are there any net-worthy Kenyan websites that have caught your attention? Did you like the ones we mentioned? You can always comment on our site and inform us about a good website you’ve come across.